The Core Group:
Kshitij Core Group The Kshitij Core Group consists of five Hindustani musicians, each of whom is a professional performing artist in his own right: Krishna Bhat, Sanjeev Chimmalgi, Kedar Bodas, Anand Thakore and Rupak Kharvandikar. We are a group of artists that have grown together over the years, living, practicing and performing in an atmosphere of rigorous interaction and musical symbiosis. Members of our group have frequently performed upon the same stage, received guidance, at times, from the same Gurus, and constantly exchanged musical ideas and critical views amongst ourselves; There have been musical issues on which we have all shared a common outlook, making no compromise, in doing so, with our respective individualisms. There have also been serious debates and differences amongst us concerning the nature of art and life; all of which continue to be reflected, ultimately, in the sort of music that each of us individually makes. Either way, we all seem to have found musical interaction to be far more rewarding than a barren isolationism, or the sort of solipsism that can only lead, we believe, - if carried to its ultimate extreme- to the extinction of the Hindustani Musical tradition.
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