About Us : What We Do
Kshitij organizes Hindustani mehfils in large private homes and relatively small public auditoriums with a seating capacity of approximately 300 persons. We select and co-ordinate performing artists who wish to participate in our events. Information about our forthcoming public concerts is made available on this site and in the Marathi and English Newspapers. Announcements of our events are also made by email for those who wish to be on our mailing list ( please contact us at once if you wish to receive information about our events by email)

Most of our concerts are not ticketed events though there have been exceptions to the rule when the group has not been able to cover all organizational costs on the basis of private patronage. All of our concerts have been funded by enthusiastic private patrons who have wholeheartedly supported the Kshitij cause

What we repeatedly create in Kshitij is a mehfil-space in which artist-audience barriers are minimized, and one in which a shared experience of musical interaction between several artists is possible. We feel that the repeated creation of such spaces is vital to the survival and evolution of Hindustani music

Kshitij functions at two levels: at the level of full-scale public performance and that of the semi-formal musicians’ salon, the traditional ‘gharghuti mehfil’. We recognize the necessity for both forms of performance-space and believe that they can both serve as a creative foil to one-another; that the informality, the freedom to experiment and the willingness to take creative risks can find its way on to the public stage; and that the professionalism, detachment and the impersonalism of the public stage may have its rightful place, even in the most intimate of gatherings.

We also believe in seeking out and exploring new spaces where the spirit of the Hindustani mehfil can thrive without compromising on spontaneity, intimacy and artist-audience interaction. These might include temples, schools, colleges, open-air parks, art-conventions and even asrams, amongst other possibilities.

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