Associated Artist : Jane Bhandari
Jane Bhandari
Photo Courtesy : Jeet Thayil
Poet and painter Jane Bhandari was born in Scotland but educated in England and has lived in India for the last 35 Years, mostly in Mumbai. Her books include two collections of poems- ‘Single Bed’ and ‘Aquarius’ and two collections of short stories for children, entitled, ‘The Round Square Chapati’ and ‘The Long Thin Jungle.’

She has played a leading role in the activities of ‘Loquations’, a poetry reading group in Mumbai and has hosted several Kshitij mehfil-s at her Mumbai residence.

Speaking about her work, poet Adil Jussawalla says: ‘These are poems that make me look again. Small details stand out in expanses of land, building and sea- a shell, a hammock, a kettle – imbued in their finely crafted setting with an iridescence of their own. Jane Bhandari handles each experience with poise and skill, even the most disturbing being brought to a sudden close.

Poet, Hindustani vocalist and Kshitij Core Group member Anand Thakore describes her work in the following terms: ‘With her trained painter’s eye, and a fine sense of visual composition, Jane Bhandari Sketches life with precision and inventiveness. Her poems are solid, earthy and firmly rooted, though paradoxically, they emerge from a sense of belonging nowhere, of being neither Indian nor British. Her sense of displacement leaves much room for celebration, for she is a poet who has learned, over the years, the art of looking at her immediate environment and finding it interesting in itself.’


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