Associated Artist : Dhanashree Pandit-Rai
Dhanashree Pandit-Rai Dhanashree Pandit-Rai is one of the leading exponents of thumri on the contemporary Hindustani scene. Her renditions of thumri are distinguished by their fluidity and grace, the precision of her sur and her attention towards the poeticality of the 'bol-s' of each thumri. A disciple of the legendary Smt. Shobha Gurtu, Dhanashree has also learnt pure classical music and khayal-singing for several years under Pandit Firoz Dastur of the Kirana Gharana. Her area of specialisation, is however, the world of semi-classical forms like kajri, dadra, thumri, hori, savan and Jhoola.


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